Daycare Centers – What To Look For On First Visit

Selected Daycare Centers

Once you have researched all the possible daycare centres in the geographical areas that you have selected. You have phoned them all and eliminated the ones that definitely cannot meet your desired needs, in which you achieved from your prepared list of questions. It’s now time to visit the remaining daycare centers that meet your basic requirements.

Allow Time at Daycare Centers Visit

When you arrange to visit the daycare centers allow yourself more time than you would consider you need. Stay as long as you can. This decision you are making will have a immense influence on your child’s life forever.

Don’t just stay in the one area talking to the same person. This could be the day care centers salesperson. You need to go to all the areas they allow access. You need to talk to as many staff and other parents as possible. By talking to different staff you can judge the overall attitude of the people who will be looking after your child.

Take Your Child on Visit

It is strongly suggested that you take your child with you on the first visit to the daycare centers. It is your child who will spend their time there. By taking them, you will be able to judge their reaction and compare the feelings they showed at each of the daycare centers you visit.

What to Look for at the Daycare Centers

This article will only cover ‘What to look for’ in the daycare centers. The next article will cover the questions to ask.

Just by observing you will get a feeling of how happy the children are at the daycare centers . Can you hear laughter? Are the children all playing happily together? Do they appear relaxed? If any children are crying, are they being comforted?