Daycare Centers – What To Look For On First Visit 2

Do you and your child feel welcome at the daycare centers? Has anyone taken an interest in your child and talked to them, shown them the room they would be in? Remember it’s your child that has to be happy and relaxed first and foremost, you will be guided by their responses. So observe what is taking place and try to be relaxed yourself.

The Daycare Centers Premises

As you walk around ask yourself the following questions. Do the premises have good ventilation or are they air conditioned or have central heating? This is important for health and hygiene purposes and environmental comfort. Cleanliness and good hygiene is extremely important to prevent the spread of diseases.

Are the premises modern or if not are they well maintained, looking bright and cheerful?  Have the walls, doors, benches, curtains, pillows, toys, change area and food preparation areas all been kept clean and tidy with the use of a disinfectant.

What type of play equipment in the way of toys, books, digital devices are there to support the early learning development of your child? Do you think this equipment accommodates children of the varying age groups catered for at the daycare centers, especially for your age group.

Is there a large enough play area for the children to run around safely and play. Does it have has soft fall protection under foot? Is there a sandpit for the children to play in? Different locations throughout the world have differing climatic features to deal with from hot sun, snow, rain and blizzards. Is the outside play area well protected with shade and covering during these periods? Check the security of the daycare centers. Make sure your child could not find a way to get out.

Make Notes When Leaving the Daycare Centers

When you leave each of the daycare centers take time as soon as possible to make notes of what you observed. Make notes on how you felt about each of the daycare centers and your child’s reaction at each of the daycare centers.