Before First Visiting Daycare Centers 2

Ask The Same Questions of All Daycare Centers

Prepare a list of elimination questions to ask all the daycare centers on your short list during that phone call. You should be able to eliminate some to save time. Firstly decide how many days a week and on which days you require your child to attend. Also if it is for whole days or certain hours of the day. Are your preferred days and times flexible?

Another eliminating factor could be the day care centers daily and weekly rates, so enquire as to their pricing and any additional costs. Keep in mind you could be eligible for a daycare financial assistance program. If you have certain cultural requirements or religious requirements ask if the daycare centers can provide for these requirements. Another question could be about the meals they provide. It is up to you to decide if they do or don’t provide meals whether this would eliminate them.

Depending on the age of your child, the type of educational learning provided will differ. Ask what programs the daycare centers are using and what benefits they will provide for your child’s learning. Enquire as to what technology support to that learning is provided in the daycare centers.

Most daycare centers will have a playground within the premises but they can vary depending on the available space. Children love to run around and play to release their energy. Enquire as to the playground area they have and if they have a sand pit. Much more time is now allocated on a daily basis for outdoor activities.

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